One of the highlights of Ner Aryeh, and a true asset to our high school, is our Beis Medrash Program. The Beis Medrash program at Ner Aryeh is a three-year program, and has three levels of shiurim.  Both directly and indirectly, Ner Aryeh Beis Medrash students serve as mature mentors, tutors, counselors and role models to our high school students, providing the guidance and friendship that is so crucial in these developmental years. The Beis Medrash students learn Gemara for three sedorim a day, in addition to Halacha, Mussar, and Shemiras Haloshon sedorim and two weekly mussar shmuezin.  The Beis Medrash Program is lead by Rabbi Yochanan Weiner and Rabbi Yechezkel Cohen.