Limudei Kodesh : 


The foundation of the Limudei Kodesh program is Iyun and Mussar. Iyun is the in-depth analysis of the Torah. Gemorah shiurim are interactive experiences in Ner Aryeh. They are not simply lectures. The talmidim are involved in every step of the way. Questions and debates aren't only encouraged; they are the essence of the shiur. 


Our Mussar study is far from just academic. It addresses real life issues and helps our talmidim develop the ideals and character that will define them for the rest of their lives. The other parts of the Limudei Kodesh program are designed to give them a well-rounded and grounded understanding of the Torah. Talmidim learn Chumash, Halacha, B'Kius and weekly parsha. Talmidim hear weekly shmuzim on various practical topics and Hashkafa such as bitachon, character development, relationship with Hashem, interpersonal relationships, as well as other topics. These limudim are internalized and become part of the Talmid enabling him to take on the challenges of life.